Boron Applications


Glass, in its various forms, represents the largest single outlet for boron products. Boron is a powerful flux and also confers high chemical resistance for glasses in general.


Boron is an essential nutrient for growth and development of healthy plants. Boron compounds are used in small concentrations as micronutrients in fertilizers.

Ceramic Frits, Enamels, GlazesCeramic Frits, Enamels, Glazes

There are three main types of ceramic glazes – tiles, tableware and sanitary ware. The greatest amount of borate is used in tile glazes including wall, floor and clay roof tiles

Chemical ManufacturingChemical Manufacturing

Borate mineral ores and refined boron products are the raw material precursors to a wide variety of boron-containing compounds.


Borates are used in the production of steel and non-ferrous metals, amorphous metals, welding fluxes, alloys, rare earth magnets and plating compounds.

Adhesives and CoatingsAdhesives and Coatings

Boron compounds are used as a peptizing agent in the manufacture of casein- and dextrin-based adhesives. The main role of boron compounds in the production of adhesives is to control the viscosity

Oil and Gas ChemicalsOil and Gas Chemicals

Borate mineral ores such as Ulexite and Colemanite, as well as refined borates and boron products, are important additives found in many formulations used in petroleum, natural gas and shale gas well operations in order to maximize yields and improve perf


Boron is used as a cleaning and bleaching agent. It controls alkalinity of soaps and synthetic detergents; balances active oxygen; softens water; lowers the time and heat of the washing; and prevents the corrosion of the metal/machine

Flame RetardantsFlame Retardants

Boron is used in all dry powder fire extinguishers, as well as in the preparation of fire retardant emulsion paints. It also imparts fire resistance in paper and cellulose insulation

Other Uses for BoronOther Uses for Boron

In addition to the most widely known uses for boron, there is a wide range of specialized applications.

Application Related Brochures

Application Related Brochures


The addition of Boric acid to the slurry improves product performance, process efficiency and user convenience.