Addressing various areas of life, boron and boron products are redesigning the future of Turkey and the world with their wide area of use.


Thanks to a touch of boron, plants are growing better and with significantly better fertility in cultivated areas. Due to its incredible impact on plants, boron is being used with greater frequency in the agricultural industry. Even though plants can leaf out and grow without any contact with boron, show more


Modern detergents produced from with petrochemical goods contain several ingredients. The most important ones are the following: Surface active agents (surfactants), Builders, Bleach. Detergents contain two main ingredients that are used as bleach, namely active oxygen and chlorine. show more


Slag is a pulverized by-product produced during the smelting process. This enables scrap metals to be reused by the iron and steel industry requiring iron and scrap metals both in Turkey and around the world. Slag does not cause dampening, but it cannot be compressed and it takes up a lot of space, show more


Ceramic is obtained by mixing materials like clay and kaolin, which are formed as a result of rock fragmentation, and then baking them at high temperatures. Ceramic has been used by humans for quite a long time, but thanks to the use of boron and boron-based products, show more

Wood Preservation

Boron compounds are frequently used in the wood preservation sector both in Turkey and around the world. Environmentally conscious boron-based wood preservatives are replacing chemical preservatives, which now have limited use in many European countries due to their highly show more


Produced in Turkey, which contains 73% of the world’s boron reserves, boron-based products are used prevalently in the glass industry on both the domestic and the foreign markets. Thanks to its unique properties, boron is preferred by many sectors, show more


Heat, sound and fire insulation materials are produced from natural materials and boron based ones are created by mixing cellulose and boron. Compared with other insulation materials, their areas of use are more effective. Because of their long lifespan, they are preferred for indoor areas. show more

Textile Fiberglass

Many goods that we use in our daily lives contain boron-based products. Textile fiberglass, which also contains boron products, is preferred by various industries as an alternative to wood or metal. Obtained by melting glass at high temperatures and then solidifying it through physical and show more


As one of the most precious underground resources in Turkey, boron significantly contributes to human health according to various studies. Required in small quantities in the human body, boron can be obtained externally through nutrients and water. As a result of research which was carried out in 1981 for show more


The decreasing reserves of fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum, and their increasing demand have triggered a search for alternative energy sources. Ongoing technological advances and the increasing world population have caused an incredible need for energy. show more


Boron-based products are transformed by Eti Maden into products with high added value and a wide area of use thanks to a variety of Research and Development projects. Boron and boron-based products are used for increasingly durable insulation materials by the construction and cement sectors. Making buildings stronger and show more

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Redesigning the future of boron with its deeply-rooted history, Eti Maden contributes to economic growth in Turkey and the world by producing boron and boron products with high added value with the help of experts in the field.


Eti Maden closely keeps track of mining activities in Turkey and the world,
particularly regarding boron and boron products.
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