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Glass Shines More Brightly with Boron

Produced in Turkey, which contains 73% of the world’s boron reserves, boron-based products are used prevalently in the glass industry on both the domestic and the foreign markets. Thanks to its unique properties, boron is preferred by many sectors, but especially as raw material by the glass industry. Boron makes glass products resistant to both heat and chemicals. Boron is already being used in various ways for glass products, but this is planned to increase through Research and Development projects.

Borosilicate glass, which is obtained from boron products, is used actively in many fields, including glass-based kitchen utensils (such as glass trays, containers, teapots, and coffee pots, which need to be resistant to heat and chemicals), electronic device screens, lighting components with required durability, solar energy systems, crown glasses for cameras and binoculars, the aeronautics and automotive industries, the bottling of syrups, antibiotics, and vitamin pills by the pharmaceutical industry, the glass beverage industry, the production of glass products used in scientific laboratories, and so on.

Environmentally Conscious Glass Wool

Produced from fiberglass which is made ergonomic by being turned into liquid, glass wool becomes stronger and more durable with the addition of boron oxide during the production phase. Utilized frequently in heat and sound insulation, glass wool is produced in different forms, such as blankets, plates, pipes, and casts. It is used for the inner surfaces of walls and ferroconcrete, for stairs and elevator shafts, for wooden, metal or free-standing roofs, for air conditioning and roof blankets, for exterior insulation, industrial pipes, radiators, central heating systems, and so on. Glass wool does not mold, decompose, decay, corrode or rust. It is resistant to heat and humidity, as well as pests and microorganisms.

Low-Cost Textile Fiberglass Resistant to Chemical Reactions

Textile fiberglass, another glass product that is manufactured with boron, is a low-cost industrial product that is resistant to chemical reactions and physical impact. It is used especially for strengthened material and composites as well as for boats, skiing equipment, fuel tanks, ships, train wagons, roofing material, electronic circuit boards, and the bumpers, mudguards, seats, and front panels of automobiles. Furthermore, it plays a major role in the production of wind turbines in the green energy industry.

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