Industrial Mineral Boron

Boron: A Strategic Industrial Raw Material

Borate minerals are natural compounds that contain varying amounts of boron oxide in their structure. There are over 230 different borate minerals found in nature. Commercially significant borate minerals include tincal, colemanite, kernite, ulexite, pandermite, boracite, szaibelyite, and hydroboracite. Tincal, colemanite, and ulexite are the primary borate minerals which are turned by the world’s boron leader Eti Maden into high value-added products in line with international quality standards.

Major Borate Minerals with Commercial Significance

Kernite Na2B407.4H2O
Tincalconite Na2B407.5H2O
Tincal Na2B407.10H2O
Probertite NaCaB509.5H2O
Ulexite NaCaB509.8H2O
Colemanite Ca2B6O11.5H2O
Meyerhofferite Ca2B6O11.7H2O
Inyoite Ca2B6O11. 13H2O
Pandermite Ca4B10O19.7H2O
Inderite Mg2B6O11.15H2O
Hydroboracite CaMgB6O11.6H2O
Boracite Mg3B7O13Cl
Ascharite Mg2B2O5.H2O
Datolite Ca2B2Si2O9.H2O
Sassolite (natural boric acid)


Increasing in value after being treated at Eti Maden with various mining techniques, borate minerals are enriched through physical processes and turned into concentrated boron products. Afterwards, they are refined in line with global standards at Eti Maden’s facilities and transformed into highly efficient, profitable and sustainable boron products for industrial use, particularly in the glass, ceramics, agriculture, cleaning and detergent industries.

The Mineral of the Future: Boron

Eti Maden is shaping the future of boron, gradually expanding its product portfolio compared with previous years. Currently, Eti Maden has 17 refined boron products in its portfolio, offering a wide product range as well as various specifications. Some of its most important refined boron products include Etibor-48, Borax Decahydrate, Boric Acid, Etidot-67, Etibor-68 (Anhydrous Borax), Zinc Borate, Boron Oxide, Ground Colemanite, and Ground Ulexite.

Through its Research and Development efforts, Eti Maden aims to increase the number of application areas for boron products. Plans are underway to increase the application areas of boron in space and aviation vehicles, nuclear science, military vehicles, fuel, electronics and communication, polymeric materials, nanotechnology, the automotive and energy industries, metallurgy, and construction.

One product born of Eti Maden’s Research and Development activities is Etimatik, a boron-based cleaning product. It is a natural, domestic herbal soap that contains only petrochemical-free substances and is sensitive to the environment and human health. Furthermore, agricultural products containing boron are currently being developed with Etidot-67, which plays a major role in the growth of plants.

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