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Boron-Based Insulation Materials Protect Your Living Space

Heat, sound and fire insulation materials are produced from natural materials and boron based ones are created by mixing cellulose and boron. Compared with other insulation materials, their areas of use are more effective. Because of their long lifespan, they are preferred for indoor areas. Thanks to their powerful heat insulation, boron-based insulation material save energy indoors by preventing temperature change. These eco-friendly materials do not pose any threats to human health and their easy application on any kind of surface maximizes the comfort of your living space. Boron and boron-based insulation materials create an economical, durable and strong insulation area.

Boron and boron-based products are also an important raw material in terms of sound insulation. They maximize your comfort by minimizing outside noise and preventing indoor sound loss in places, such as music studios and performance centers. In addition to heat and sound insulation, the boron content of these materials provides fire insulation, preventing oxygen from reaching the area in the event of a fire. This will delay the flames. It will also delay the formation of poisonous gases by minimizing smoke emission. Boron-based insulation materials are also frequently preferred by the textile industry and are used in many fields involving products that have a risk of burning or exploding. The eco-friendly, reliable and comfortable boron-based insulation materials maximize the quality of life in all living spaces.

Low Cost, High Insulation

Providing a long lifespan with low costs, boron-based insulation materials are produced from completely natural products. Boron-based insulations materials are resistant to dust and hot/cold water. They cannot be deformed by insects or pests. Since they do not contain any chemical additives, they do not act as carcinogens. Enabling long lifespans and durable products, boron-based insulation materials do not decompose, decay, mould, corrode or rust over time. They simultaneously provide heat, sound and fire insulation. Thus, they help you create safe, economical and comfortable living spaces.

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