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The World’s Largest Boron Production Complex: Eskişehir-Kırka


Founded in the Kırka district of Eskişehir in 1970 under the name Kırka Sodium Salt Construction Site Management (Kırka Sodyum Tuzu Şantiye Şefliği) and renamed Kırka Boron Enterprise (Kırka Bor İşletme Müdürlüğü) as a result of restructuring activities in 1998, these facilities carry out operations particularly relating to boron and boron-based products as well as operations regarding the fields of mining, chemistry, metallurgy and logistics. With the largest tincal reserves in the world, the Kırka-Sarıkaya formation contains approximately 20% of the world reserves (18%). Moreover, it contains 25% of Turkey’s boron reserves.

3 Million Tons of Tincal Production Per Year

The tincal production at the Kırka Boron Enterprise amounts to approximately 3 million tons per year. Obtained as a result of mining activities carried out using the open-cast mining technique at the Kırka-Sarıkaya Borax deposit, tincal is turned into borax pentahydrate, borax decahydrate, anhydrous borax, calcined tincal, and Etimatik, which is a ready-to-use boron-based cleaning product, at the Kırka Boron Enterprise. As materials with high added value produced from tincal, borax pentahydrate and borax decahydrate are used in many products, including fire extinguishers, glues, pesticides, fertilizers, laundry bleaches, soaps, and textile dyes. Moreover, anhydrous borax plays a significant role in the use of hard glass, insulation glass wool, and metallurgical fusion welding and soldering material after being turned into a highly efficient material at the facilities. Widely used by many sectors and industries, anhydrous borax makes products durable and sustainable.

Boron Products with High Added Value through the Efforts of Over 2,000 Employees

Established on a total area of 10,500,000 square meters, the Kırka Boron Enterprise produces boron and boron-based products with high added value thanks to its dynamic, highly motivated employees who are experts in their field. Employing over 2,000 employees, the enterprise houses many activities including mining, refined production, logistics, and Research and Development projects with the aim of expanding the areas of use of boron and boron-based products.

Aiming for perfection in line with the satisfaction of all stakeholders, the Kırka Boron Enterprise supports its quality services with strong references, such as quality, energy, environment, occupational health and safety management systems along with accredited laboratory certificates.

Aspiring to integrate sustainability and the latest technologies into all processes in fields that make use of boron and boron-based products, the Kırka Boron Enterprise contributes to the growth of the economy in Turkey and the world by providing its customers with products of high quality.

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