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Natural Cleaning with Boron

Natural Hygiene with Boron

Modern detergents produced from with petrochemical goods contain several ingredients. The most important ones are the following:

  • Surface active agents (surfactants),
  • Builders,
  • Bleach.

Detergents contain two main ingredients that are used as bleach, namely active oxygen and chlorine. The primary substances used as sources of active oxygen in detergent composition are sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate. The main source of chlorine is sodium hypochlorite.

Boron compounds are natural cleaning agents which have been used since the 1800s. After the mineral boron is mined, borax is obtained through a physical process, not a chemical one. Borax is a natural compound, which consists of sodium, water, oxygen, and boron. Borates play a major role in the cleaning industry due to their properties, such as stain removal facilitation, bleaching, stabilizing enzymea, alkaline buffering, water softening, and surfactant action for enhanced material performance. Research and Development projects are underway to ensure that borates are used more effectively in the cleaning industry. Considering the disadvantages of petroleum-derived detergents in terms of human health and the environment, borax has risen to prominence thanks to its natural properties.

Borates are used in the production of various laundry detergents, domestic and industrial cleaners, and personal care products.

The advantages of borate and perborate in detergents include the following:

  • Alkaline buffering and pH control,
  • Water softening (by creating a calcium complex, a complex soluble),
  • Enhancing the performance of the surface-active agent,
  • Preventing stains from sticking on surfaces,
  • Bleaching properties of perborates,
  • Stabilizing enzymes,
  • Preventing bacteria and fungi from reproducing in personal care products.


Currently, Eti Maden has four products on the market for general purposes, namely the boron-based cleaning product Etimatik, a product for white laundry, a product for coloured laundry, and a product for drapery.

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