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Increasing High Yield in Agricultural Areas with Boron

Increasing Fertility in Cultivated Areas with Boron

Thanks to a touch of boron, plants are growing better and with significantly better fertility in cultivated areas. Due to its incredible impact on plants, boron is being used with greater frequency in the agricultural industry. Even though plants can leaf out and grow without any contact with boron, the desired quality standards of fruit and seed production cannot be achieved without it. By applying boron to plants, however, a loss of fruits and seeds can be avoided. With the use of boron, cultivated areas become more valuable and high profits can be achieved with low costs.

High Efficiency and Low Costs with Boron

A dose of boron to maximize the efficiency of agricultural goods plays an important role in the growth and quality of plants. Applying boron in wrong doses or with improper methods may lead to unwanted consequences and cause the plants harm. Proper dosage and application help agricultural products grow and yield the best crops.

A Touch of Boron in the Agricultural Industry: Etidot-67

Developed in 2010 as a result of Research and Development projects carried out by Eti Maden employees who are experts in their field, Etidot-67 supports the growth of highly efficient products in cultivated areas. Produced from the reaction of borax and boric acid, Etidot-67 is an important nutrient for plants, containing 20.8% boron. Etidot-67 is a product exclusively developed for the agricultural industry. It is dissolved in water and applied to the soil and leaves. It is also used as a pesticide and to protect wooden materials from harmful organisms, such as fungi.

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