Boron Is Being Developed with Changing Technologies

Used in many areas of daily life, boron used widely by many sectors, such as the glass, ceramics, agriculture, cleaning/detergents, wood preservation, health, and renewable energy industries. As the world leader in boron, Eti Maden carries out its operations in accordance with international quality standards in order to research and develop boron and boron-based products.

At its Research and Development laboratories with modern standards and high technology, Eti Maden strives to increase the areas of boron use in line with the principles of improving continuously, broadening the product portfolio, maximizing efficiency, and most importantly, carrying out operations to preserve the environment and human health throughout all the production processes. The focus of all the processes at Eti Maden is on innovation and the use of technology. In this respect, many products have been developed as a result of Research and Development projects. These products include zinc borate, boron oxide, the boron-based cleaning product Etimatik, and Etidot-67, which maximizes the fertility in cultivated areas.

Etimatik: A Natural Domestic Cleaning Product by Eti Maden

Etimatik is a natural, domestic multi-purpose cleaning product, which contains herbal soap, but no petroleum-derived additives. It does not leave any chemical residue on laundry. Petroleum-derived cleaning products pose a threat to human health and cause environmental pollution as well. Embracing a sensible approach to the environment and human health in the cleaning and detergent industry, the boron-based cleaning product Etimatik is capable of expert bleaching and cleaning at low temperatures. It removes domestic and industrial stains without causing loss of colour and it softens laundry without requiring any additional softener. It also prevents unpleasant odors by blocking the formation of fungi.

Highly Fertility in Cultivated Areas with Etidot-67

Developed by Eti Maden through Research and Development projects, Etidot-67 not only enhances the fertility of cultivated areas, but also maximizes the quality of the produce. By applying Etidot-67 to agricultural products, a loss of fruits and seeds can be prevented and the costs can be lowered. Containing 67% boron oxide (B2O3), Etidot-67 is exclusively developed for the agricultural industry and and is applied on leaves in liquid form as well as on soil in solid form. It is also widely used as pesticide in order to protect wooden material from harmful organisms such as fungi.

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