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Industrial Mineral Boron

Slag is a pulverized by-product produced during the smelting process. This enables scrap metals to be reused by the iron and steel industry requiring iron and scrap metals both in Turkey and around the world. Slag does not cause dampening, but it cannot be compressed and it takes up a lot of space, causing a number of problems during the moving and storage process. Slag that can be compressed with boron eliminates such problems while remaining a reusable material. Slag obtained with the help of boron products is environment-friendly and does not pose any threat to human health. The storage costs are low as well, which brings savings.

Playing a major role in the acquisition of efficient and sustainable products of high quality for the fields of industry and technology, boron makes important contributions to the metallurgy and material industries. Boron has properties that allow for the production of proper adhesive, protective, and burr-free liquids at high temperatures. Boron and boron-based products enhance the durability and sustainability of a wide array of products, especially steel. Boron is used in electrocoating and boronizing processes, which help to create rigid and abrasion-resistant surfaces on many kinds of metals.

Low Cost, High Performance

Boron and boron-based products minimize costs and facilitate savings in production. In the form of an iron-boron alloy, called ferroboron, it replaces the costly materials that are used to harden steel. It yields effective results in the brazing processes during alloying.

Industrial oils obtained through various physical and chemical processes with the help of boron and boron-based products decrease the friction and corrosion of industrial machinery and tools. These oils help to increase the life expectancy of machines. Boron-based oils, which are resistant to high temperatures, cancel noise by repairing existing corrosion, preventing noise pollution.

Boron is also used for developing aerodynamics in the aeronautics and space sector, for high-velocity wing applications, and for the design and improvement of fuselages that are resistant to high temperatures.

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