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Boron and Health

As one of the most precious underground resources in Turkey, boron significantly contributes to human health according to various studies. Required in small quantities in the human body, boron can be obtained externally through nutrients and water. As a result of research which was carried out in 1981 for medicinal purposes, it was determined that boron-based products have a positive impact on human health. Thus, boron reached a wide area of use in the health industry and began to yield effective results in many treatments. Its positive effects on the human body are being proved each and every day. Boron minimizes fatigue and stress when consumed in the form of nutrients. Moreover, it is effectively used in the treatment of prostate cancer, the sterilization of eye infections, the production of ointment, and most importantly, the treatment of brain cancer.

Boron is Actively Used in Treatments

Medicinal research demonstrates that boron strengthens the bones by increasing the absorption of copper, magnesium, and similar elements. This helps alleviate pain and strengthen the bone structure. Adjusting the balance of calcium, magnesium, and phosphor in the human metabolism, boron improves muscle and brain functions by optimizing the phosphor balance. Moreover, it is widely used in treatments of osteoporosis, allergic reactions, psychiatric conditions, abnormal bone development, arthritis, and menopause. Thanks to Boron Neutron Capture therapy, which is actively used as a brain cancer treatment, unhealthy cells are identified and destroyed while minimizing damage to healthy cells.

The Touch of Boron in Health

Proved to be a necessary element for living beings as a result of ongoing scientific research, boron continuously gains significance in the health industry, thanks to its contributions to human health. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that healthy adults may consume 1–13 milligrams of boron as nutrients. Found abundantly in fruits, such as apples, pears, plums, and dates, and in vegetables, such as beans, chickpeas, and lentils, a large quantity of boron is also found in pasteurized milk. Due to the unique properties of boron products, it is almost impossible to replace them. According to recent research, human beings need a certain amount of daily boron intake.

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