Projects for Management Problems

 Facilities That Keep Track of Technological Advances

The world’s boron leader Eti Maden transforms boron and boron-based products into efficient, profitable and sustainable products of high quality at its facilities, which were designed in accordance with global integration standards. These facilities produce boron products with wide areas of use, continuously carrying out improvement projects. In this respect, the enterprises are turned into production centers, which can adapt to changing and improving technologies and efficiently process the most valuable mineral in Turkey. Moreover, the high-quality services at these centers are provided by professionals who are experts in their fields.

Thanks to its deeply-rooted experience and know-how, Eti Maden aims for its Research and Development projects to quickly adapt to any kind of change by keeping track of global developments with the aim of producing more sustainable innovation-based products of high quality by minimizing a loss of performance at its production facilities, which were established with its own human and financial resources from the project phase to the building phase. By taking advantage of changing technologies to the greatest extent possible, Eti Maden’s goal is to popularize the use of boron and boron products, as well as to increase its efficiency in all sectors. In this direction, it has planned to enhance the quality and product performance of its facilities by technologically improving the facilities in Emet, Kütahya, in Bigadiç, Balıkesir, in Bandırma, and in Kırka, Eskişehir as soon as possible, to ascertain that the human resources are in line with global standards, and to popularize the use of boron products by acquiring new stakeholders.

Sector Improvement Projects

The Touch of Boron in All Areas

As the most important producer in the global boron sector, Eti Maden carries out its projects in order to popularize the use of boron products both in Turkey and around the world.

Globally, Eti Maden carries out projects for the more widespread use of boron and boron-based products in accordance with the demands of various industries. It aims to popularize the areas of use of boron products by sharing the technical and economic data that is obtained from industries, such as the iron and steel, agriculture, ceramics and glass industries along with the sector’s manufacturing companies. Thus, by carrying out projects for sectors, where the use of boron is not prevalent, and highlighting the benefits of boron, new products with high quality standards are developed with new production methods and new areas of use are created.


Projects to Develop New Products

 Eti Maden Designing the Future with New Boron Products

Maintaining its continuous growth in the traditional boron-based products market, pioneering the development of new boron-based products that will create a difference, and working towards realizing its goal of becoming the information and technology hub of the world boron sector, Eti Maden is broadening its portfolio by developing new products. By transforming boron and boron-based products into products with high added value, Eti Maden continues to provide the market with new products. Eti Maden carries out projects in order to produce boron-based products for the end user (detergent, fiberglass, etc.), determine the production methods of high-tech boron products, and manufacture them. In order to develop new products, it conducts Research and Development projects that focus on developing unique scientific knowledge and technologies by taking into account the competitive conditions of the domestic and foreign boron markets. New Research and Development projects are expected to focus on boron-based products that may play a significant role in the energy, defense and nuclear industries.

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