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The Storage of Boron, the Renewable Energy of the Future

The decreasing reserves of fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum, and their increasing demand have triggered a search for alternative energy sources. Ongoing technological advances and the increasing world population have caused an incredible need for energy. For this reason, research on new energy resources and production is of utmost importance. The production and consumption of primary energy sources have a negative impact on natural life, the environment, human health, and the world economy. By creating sustainable, renewable, environmentally conscious alternatives, boron plays a significant role in the energy sector of the future.

Energy Is Becoming Stronger and More Valuable with Boron

Considered one of the energy sources of the future, fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electricity play a crucial role with related research still in progress. Being in the Research and Development phase, hydrogen continues to be improved through scientific projects on topics, such as production, storage, transportation, fuel cell development, system integration in the areas of use, etc. Enabling the hydrogen energy to be utilized with high efficiency, boron is one of the important raw materials in the development of fuel cells with sodium borohydride. Sodium borohydride is also widely used in refinement chemicals, cellulose bleaching, metal surface cleaning, metal surface processes, precious metal acquisition processes, and the purification of waste water from heavy metals.

The Touch of Boron in the Energy of the Future

Contributing to the process of creating sustainable and highly efficient energy sources for the future, boron adds value to the energy sector in the form of sodium borohydride thanks to its renewable structure. Sodium borohydride is a widely preferred product for the manufacturing of electronic devices, vehicles, electricity/heat production facilities, and military and civilian fuel cells. Boron facilitates usage thanks to its various properties; it stores 10.8% hydrogen, it is not flammable or explosive, it controls the hydrogen sharing reaction, and so on.

Research and Development projects are still underway for hydrogen storage technology. Since sodium borohydride is one of its essential raw materials, it is highly important for sodium borohydride production technologies to be improved with the effective use of boron. Boron is the most valuable mineral in Turkey, processed and produced by Eti Maden.

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