Quality, Innovation, Sustainability in Boron


“Contributing to the country’s welfare by turning all of the mining resources in the country, including boron and rare earth elements, but excluding coal and hydrocarbon resources, into products with high added value in line with the demands and expectations of customers, in accordance with sustainable development, and with the support of new technologies and corporate know-how.”


“To become a global institution that shapes the world’s boron chemicals market, produces new products, materials, and goods that offer the benefits of boron and other underground resources, and is revered as a leader in information and technology in the mining and chemistry industry.”


In line with its approach that adds value to boron and boron-based products, Eti Maden has embraced the principle of sustainability in all processes by producing highly efficient and low-cost raw material.

In accordance with this principle, Eti Maden, which produces boron and boron products, has adopted the following values:

  • Innovation: Continuing to grow with innovation-based solutions to shape the use of boron and boron products, creating the future and turning new ideas into positive results in order to ensure sustainable growth,
  • Continuous improvement: Ensuring sustainability by continuously improving work efficiency and management systems,
  • Reliability: Managing products, processes, and systems within the determined time and under the specified conditions in line with customer expectations,
  • Efficiency: Making processes independent, measurable, controllable, and free of waste,
  • Advanced technology: Formulating sustainable technology strategies by developing long term technology insight,
  • Power of communication: Sharing information and experience voluntarily with mutual understanding for making right, reliable and realistic decisions about organizational and administrative activities,
  • Customer orientation: Providing high-quality services by making the right offer to the right customer at the right time,
  • Collaboration: Working together, helping each other, and sharing resources in order to realize a common goal and achieve results.
  • Team spirit: Adopting a work culture that encourages corporate synergy,
  • Participation: Ensuring the voluntary support of all employees in participating in decisions, problem solving, continuous improvement, and achieving customer satisfaction,
  • Environmental consciousness: Carrying out activities through environmentally conscious diversification strategies,
  • Social responsibility: Investing in social issues voluntarily in order to create a high brand value and loyal customers.
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