Boron: Environmentally Conscious, Highly Efficient

Eti Maden, which carries out the production and processing of boron, Turkey’s most valuable mineral, takes the necessary measures against all kinds of issues that might potentially have a negative impact on natural life and the environment through its effective and sustainable process management system as part of its environmental responsibilities. It implements a production policy that prioritizes environmental consciousness by minimizing waste generation throughout all stages of production. It continues to produce environmentally friendly and highly efficient boron products of high quality in accordance with all regulations.

Eti Maden demonstrates utmost awareness regarding the environment and natural life by carrying out production in harmony with nature thanks to projects such as forestation and clearing waste from natural resources with the help of its employees. It strives to improve its environmental consciousness every single day by supporting this awareness with the TS 14001 Environment Management System Certificate.

A Clean and Healthy Future with Boron

The aim of Eti Maden is to minimize the use of natural resources by maximizing the efficiency of boron-based products with its modern technology and its professional employees who are experts in boron and boron-based products. Protecting and improving the natural treasures of Turkey with its environmental policies, Eti Maden raises the environmental awareness of its employees through periodical trainings.

Taking into account the environmental impact of creating the facilities and processing areas, Eti Maden fulfills its responsibilities towards the environment. Preventing all actions that may have a negative impact on the climate in all phases of production, Eti Maden works towards leaving a clean and healthy environment for future generations.

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