The Most Important Source of Success: Human Resources

The world’s boron leader Eti Maden has embraced a vision of building human resources that are highly motivated to work, safeguard the company’s reputation, prepare the institution for the future through innovation-based solutions, give importance to services, and adapt to the overall work plan in the production of boron and boron-based products.

The institution’s mission is to employ innovative and highly self-confident professionals to represent the company’s interests by organizing its human resources to realize its goals and strategies and by carrying out personnel-related organizations at the highest level.

Eti Maden structures its human resources policies based on the principles of efficiency and profitability within the scope of the relevant regulations and designated strategies. By coupling its corporate structure with innovative and sustainable solutions, it aims to build human resources that consist of sector professionals.

Eti Maden Trains the Professionals of the Future

Eti Maden carries out internal trainings in line with its principles of efficiency, effectiveness, and frugality in order to ensure that its employees develop new perspectives with the aim of increasing their capabilities and preparing them for more important roles.

Thanks to the professional and personal development trainings that is carried out within the facilities, Eti Maden provided a total of 88 trainings for its employees in 2017; these consisted of 18 planned trainings, 17 unplanned trainings, 12 trainings outside the company, and 41 trainings within the company. With the objective of ensuring specialization in the workplace and skills management, these trainings were provided for a total of 8,398 employees, consisting of 5,247 contracted officers and 3,151 workers. Moreover, vocational trainings were provided for 254 high school students alongside internship and applied engineering opportunities for 328 university students.

The Common Goal is High Motivation in Boron Production

As part of the Personnel Performance Management System, Eti Maden aims to find a common ground for company goals and employee goals, support personal achievements, increase the success of the company, evaluate the contribution of all employees using a fair, systematic and measurable method, increase employee engagement by determining their expectations, and maximize efficiency by creating a working environment that will motivate employees.

Eti Maden’s fundamental human resources principles include determining the qualities of suitable personnel for the relevant position and carrying out the recruitment process accordingly, determining the necessary trainings necessary to improve the personnel’s workforce skills, entrepreneurship skills, achievements, and efforts, and taking the necessary steps to implement these trainings, enhancing the sense of belonging of employees, and helping them embrace ethical values and behavioral principles, as well as efficient, profitable and sustainable principles.

Redesigning the future of boron, Eti Maden implements a human resources policy which is continuously reviewed, updated, and improved.

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