Minimum Risk, Maximum Safety

Eti Maden maximizes occupational and health safety in order to minimize risks and protect employees from all kinds of unfortunate incidents by prioritizing employee health and safety in all the production phases of boron and boron-based products in all work spaces and facilities.

At the Eti Maden facilities, where boron, the most valuable underground resource in Turkey, is mined and processed, occupational and employee safety is maximized through periodical dust, noise, vibration, lighting, and thermal comfort gas measurements, as well as personal exposure measurements.

Examinations, such as chest radiographies, spirometries (respiratory function) tests, eye examinations, and audiometry tests are carried out at certain time intervals in order to prevent any negative consequences that may arise.

Safe Facilities with High Standards

Having turned its facilities into a safe space with the TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate, which requires the establishment of a safe and employee-friendly working environment, Eti Maden is highly sensitive towards occupational health and safety in its activities.

The Eti Maden awareness trainings, which are provided within the context of occupational health and safety, aim to help employees carry out their tasks with minimum risk.

Within the scope of the Afete Hazır Türkiye (Turkey Ready for Disaster) project, which is an awareness and training project oriented towards employees, the world’s boron leader Eti Maden aims to maximize occupational health and safety by providing trainings on topics, such as how to act within the first 72 hours of an accident, what precautions to take in work spaces, and so on.

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