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Durable Wood Preservation with Boron Products

Boron compounds are frequently used in the wood preservation sector both in Turkey and around the world. Environmentally conscious boron-based wood preservatives are replacing chemical preservatives, which now have limited use in many European countries due to their highly poisonous properties. The wood preservatives that are produced with boron compounds are resistant to harmful biological factors. They quickly dissolve in water and are easily applied.

Boron-Based Preservatives for Easy Application on Wood

Boron compounds are used in the impregnation process carried out on wood and wood products through dipping, immersion, brushing, sweeping, spraying, or applying vacuum or pressurized systems without any need for costly techniques. Boron compounds prolong the lifespan of wooden materials and bring savings by making them strong and durable. Moreover, in comparison with other wood preservatives, they minimize the risk of damage in the event of a fire, ensuring the safety of the area by minimizing flaming. Wooden materials may quickly char by discharging the water from their outer surface when exposed to high temperatures. By preventing heat from being conducted inside the charred outer surface, boron helps to ensure slow combustion. This minimizes the risk of loss to life and property by buying time for the fire response. Since boron can be dissolved in water or high humidity, it can be placed as salt sticks into holes in the wood of wooden constructions that either have or have not undergone protective processes. Here, it can dissolve with water or humidity and spread throughout the material.

Environmentally Conscious Wood Preservation with Boron

Having become popular by being turned into durable, long-lasting products of high quality with boron-based preservatives, wooden sheaths are environment-friendly products that do not harm the ecological balance. Boron-based preservatives do not pose any threat to human or animal health. They prevent the formation of harmful organisms on the wood. They can also be used for protection against fungi, pests, termites, and sea lice. In this regard, boron products ensure long-lasting, durable and health-conscious wood preservation.

Providing long-term durability, boron-based wood sheaths prolong the lifespan of products through low cost and low maintenance, thus protecting forested lands and reducing tree consumption.

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