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Boron: A Miracle for Plants

Redesigning the future of boron, Eti Maden developed the Etidot-67 product as a result of Research and Development projects with the aim of popularizing the use of boron and boron products in cultivated areas. Developed by field experts in 2010 with the objective of creating fertile areas for the agriculture industry, Etidot-67, which contains 20.8% boron, has a positive impact on the fertility of cultivated areas in Turkey and the world along with soil quality and plant growth. In this direction, the quality of fruits and plants is increasing and agricultural economy in Turkey and the world continues to grow. Produced with the reaction of borax and boric acid, Etidot-67 contains 67% boric oxide as an important nutrient for plants.

High Fertility in Cultivated Areas with Etidot-67

Etidot-67, a boron-based agricultural product which plays a significant role in the growth of plants and increase in fertility, has recently started to frequently be used in the agricultural industry with its miraculous effects on plants. Plants obtain elements such as nitrogen, phosphor, and potassium, which are necessary for their growth and development, from the soil and fertilizer. Cultivated areas, which are dwindling by the day due to the use of chemical-based fertilizers, have become sustainable thanks to the boron-based fertilizer, Etidot-67. The boron-based Etidot-67, which increases the quality of fruits and seeds unlike chemical fertilizers, aims to help cultivated areas reach their maximum level of fertility with its special composition that targets unwanted plants.

The Miraculous Effect of Etidot-67 on Plants

By applying Etidot-67 on the plants that are grown in the cultivated areas of Turkey and around the world, a loss in fruits and seeds is prevented. This helps the producer reap high profits with low costs and boosts the value of cultivated areas. Cultivated areas in Turkey and around the world continue to increase in value thanks to boron and boron-based Etidot-67. Produced at the facilities of Bandırma Bor ve Asit Fabrikaları İşletme Müdürlüğü (Bandırma Boron and Acid Factory Enterprise), Etidot-67 is exclusively developed for the agricultural industry and is applied on leaves in liquid form as well as on soil in solid form. It is also widely used as pesticide in order to protect wooden material from harmful organisms such as fungi. Supporting abundant and healthy flowering, the boron-based Etidot-67 is easy-to-use as it quickly dissolves in water.

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