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Slow Dissolving Highly Productive EtiGranül

Eti Maden, Designing the Future of Boron, has developed the EtiGranül product as a result of the R&D projects carried out in order to extend the use of borates in agricultural areas. EtiGranül, produced with high technology in facilities of international quality standards by professionals of Eti Maden expertized in their industries, provides the necessary boron support for the development of plants in acidic soils where rainfall is high and washing rate is high in Turkey and in the world. In these regions, it provides the mineral balance in the soil and raises the yield to the top level. By improving plant quality in increasingly inefficient agricultural areas with the use of chemical fertilizers, it helps to achieve high profits at low costs.

Resistant to Breakage and Crashing

EtiGranül, which also provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium support, which are some of the most important elements in the development of plants, it has a round structure with dimensions of 2-4 mm. Thanks to this feature, it shows a superior performance on the soil with resistance against breaking and crashing. EtiGranül, which contains a minimum of 14.8% boron in its Disodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate content and which is a special boron fertilizer, it is able to provide the boron mineral which is necessary for the plant to grow and produce the most productive product for a long time in the regions where heavy rainfall occurs in Turkey and in the world with its slow dissolving feature. EtiGranül, descends slowly to the root of the plant together with the rain water, also has the feature of easy and homogeneous blending with macronutritious granular fertilizer raw materials.

EtiGranül produced by World Bor Leader Eti Maden is applied to the soil as solid and ensures that highest yield is obtained. Before application, soil analysis should be made and the most appropriate dose must be determined by the professionals. Doses to be determined during application should be determined by expert assistance with respect to the amount of boron in the soil, plant species, rain status and soil type. Boron, which is a basic micronutritious element for plants, helps the plant to be better fed, to increase fertility and fruit set, and to better work the plant circulation system. It also provides a healthy growth by preventing the formation of fungi and weeds, which negatively affect the growth of plants. With the application of EtiGranül to the plants grown in agriculture fields in Turkey and in the world, the loss of fruit and seed is prevented.

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